Saturday, May 28, 2011

my self!

i'm not a perfect girl, I'm just a simple girls,
you can call me liza@lizo@iza@whatever u want but not the name that i hate, I'm Pretty Clumsy, my hair curly, They say I'm so strong, i never fear everything except 2 Allah..everyone must fear 2 Allah ok, but no one know that someone Hurt me, i seldom show the tears, i just lock the door, dive on my bed and silently i cry so hard, so sick and tired of all ....

but i do not want to think about what gonna come around for me, I'll just take it day by day Cause it the only way, to be the best That I can be .. i say what i want, i do what i want, i get what i want ..and just cry and cry when my heart is sick..
Sometimes I have a broken heart, my friends and my sister sometime fight and maybe some days nothing goes right, but When i think about it and i take a step back, i remember how amazing life truly is That maybe just maybe, i like being un perfect .. i liked eat the Candies , but the most IMPORTANT i love the music, beautiful lyrics and hate to learn music.. Well life is not a bed of roses, Love Hurts, boy lie, friends stab, people die, i always try, never good enough n i wonder why .. i just want to feel real love, fill the home That i live in life, looking for That special someone, i know you are there ... you know I love you too .. handheld is the promise that you express to continue faithfully with me ... trust me that I really love you more than everything ... I hope that what we dream will come true .. . .. AMEN

that all for tonight...sweet dream 4 u my dear...


  1. peerrrgghhhh...speaking 2...he6

    ~~pe2 pun aq meme tabik spring la ko mg...nice 2 being 1 of ur friends..

  2. thankz cik atin..i am also proud being ur frenz...^^..hehe